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Road Safety Report

Road safety project recount-Wednesday 23rd November 2016 –By H.Skuse


While the rest of year 5 and year 6 went to Skillzone, me and Nathanael went to Mrs Swain’s class and made an advert based on road safety. Although we could do what we wanted on the video, there were some rules – the advert had to be 1 to 1 and a half minutes long and you had to work in a group of 3, 4 or 5. Happily, the group I was in was me; my sister Liberty; my cousin Sophie and my other cousin Alfie. As we were all related we worked very well as a team and we had a good time.


Firstly, all the groups had to talk about what they were going to do and the key audience we were aiming the advert at. Also, we had to write a script of what we were going to say and do. The aim of my group’s advert was to tell kids and teenagers to pay attention by roads while on technology or distracted.


Disappointingly, when we started to practice the advert it didn’t go very well: but after play it all came together. The more we practiced the more good and impressive it got. For the script and props, Alfie typed us up some facts to read out; I printed off a car and caused a paper jam -Oops! and Liberty and Sophie came up with some fun ideas (including one about doing a slogan). Then we were done….


As quick as a cheetah, we got all of the things we needed ready and waited until it was our turn to perform. On the script it said: Two kids were on their phones playing on Pokémon Go and then they stepped on a road and a car swerves in front of them. Then, a sensible adult pulls them off the road and facts would’ve been read out. Worried, shy but exited, I watched the first group- Joe, Jim, Joseph, Morgan and Tom- but it wasn’t the best, as it took more than two and a half minutes to finish it.


Petrified, Mrs Swain revealed that my group had to go next. I couldn’t move. I was stuck to my chair. A million thoughts flew through my head: How will it go? Will I forget my words? How long would it take? The more I thought the more nervous I got. Some people would be exited; others (like me) would be terrified.


Nerve-racking, I stood up with my knees nocking. Although I was pretty confident with my group’s achievement, I was still scared. Slowly, we walked towards the front of the front of the room on the soft but matted carpet.