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Skillzone Report

Andy Fields

The internet is a mysterious, dangerous and sometimes horrible place; an example of this would be in chat rooms. Imagine yourself on a chat room on the internet and a fight kicks off. Despite the illegalness of the action, somebody start verbally abusing others. What would you do? Joining in may sound fun- but trust me, it is never the best thing to do. Clicking off is the advisable option because, as most chat rooms are moderated, a moderator will sort it out. This form of bullying is called cyber-bullying (cyber meaning ‘internet’).

Crossing the road is another one of the difficult not-so-fun activities that life throws at us. There are only a few small steps to get you crossing the roads of England in no time. The first step is to actually locating a road to cross- the last thing that you want is to make a complete fool of yourself precariously waddling through the offices of your work! Secondly, use your eyes (they’re there for a reason). Look right first, then left and so on. Looks may deceive, however, so remember to listen out for any oncoming traffic. The third step is to finally cross the road. Cautiously, step off of the kerb of the pavement and take your time walking across the road, looking side to side; but don’t take too long as there’s no point being as slow as a tortoise just for the sake of being slow, and effectively getting run over and losing your priceless life. Crossing at a pedestrian crossing is a similar story, give or take a few riles: the first is to press the button on either one of the poles, unless the box above says “wait.” When you see the green man appear on the other screen (usually located above the “wait” screen). And when the traffic is gone, it’s time to cross!

Do you reckon that you could survive in one of the biggest and most dangerous of places and environments… the HOUSE? Houses are safe, right? Nothing could possibly go wrong could happen… or so you think. These modern caves are possibly the most unsafe of possibly all of the places on earth that you may encounter. We haven’t got all day so, without further ado, here’s how to stay safe in your house:-

Oh no! Your toast is stuck in the toaster! You run over to get a knife, knock the pans over, slip on the floor, hit the table and spill you hot cocoa all over yourself. You eventually reach the knife, cut yourself and shove the knife in the toaster angrily and electrocute yourself; all of that for a piece of burnt toast. Despite what happened to you, you peg it into the living room, step on the Lego (bare footed), fall into the fire, knock over the TV, spill your mother’s gin and you lighter explodes from the impact… What a terrible day!

Now you’re probably worrying whether this could happen to you. Here’s a little safety guide on how to stay safe in your territory.


  1. Never (I mean NEVER) use a knife to get out your toast from the toaster

  2. Face your pans’ handles to the sides to avoid hitting the and burning yourself

  3. If necessary, clean up any mess on the floor to avoid slipping

Ella Williams Report

Are you really aware of the dangers in a park? Well, here are some of the dangers that can kill or harm you: tripping over vast logs or tiny twigs; dirty rubbish lying on the floor waiting of a hazard to happen; painful splinters you could get from wooden equipment and lots more. Making other people safe will include always putting your rubbish in the closest bin you can see so you do not trip other them up.

Water safety is very important to learn from quite a young age to learn from if it about what to do if you don’t feel comfortable in water or you need to recuse someone in danger if you can’t see a lifeguard – which you could always see. Although there are lots of danger around water you can still have lots of fun and also stay safe. This is how to: never run by the side of a swimming pool; never go swimming or diving into a cannel or5 a lake because you never know how deep it’s going to be.

Road crossing is quite important to learn Just always look out for cars and traffic, Green men and Red men, other people crossing and zebra crossing. If you are younger than a teenager or a bit older I would advise you to always cross a road with an adult.

In a bedroom here are some things to look out for are: laptops, hair dryers, plugs, candles and more. Also in a house there was a kitchen. In there how to be safe would be too: never put a knife in a toaster to get out your toast if it is stuck; never put a hot drink on the side of a table or a edge of something and don’t leave raw food out.

There was also a custody suite were you go before you go to court. It’s called a cell room. Down there it is horrible because: there is always CCTV watching you; it is very lonely; the cloths are disgusting; it’s very hard to get a job after and the beds are very hard.

The more you go closer to the train platform, the more you are likely to get killed! So this is why I am telling you the dangers: if you go on the tracks you will get hit by a train and get killed; never go across the track if the light are flashing or when the barriers are down. There are load more than that though.

E-safety is very important, just make sure you: never put details about yourself on the internet and if you are being cyber bullied always tell an adult you trust and know well.

If your friends are plying on a building site get help from an adult immediately. You are telling them to do that because: a loser ladder or bricks could fall on them; a wire sticking out could electrocute them and finally they could fall down a man hole and get stuck down there.

By Ella Williams