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With children spending more time online due to school closures we have add new content for parents on the 'Online Safety' page of our website. There you will find links to some extremely useful websites aimed at keeping you and your family safe online. Thinkuknow have also produced some home learning packs with 15 minute activities for you to work through with your children at home. 

Home Learning Information

6th July- A message from Miss Kethro and Tilly for you

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Below is just as a reminder of the layout of work that we would expect you to be trying to complete at home. 

For Literacy, children are expected to complete the work from Hamilton Trust which is uploaded every week. We would also like you to use the Letters and Sounds Phonics lessons on Youtube as these follow the scheme we use in school. You can always dip into BBC Bitesize for something different sometimes too! Remember, you can always have a change from Hamilton and complete your own writing tasks such as a letter to a friend, instructions for something you have learnt/played during lockdown or even your very own creative story! 


We would like you to keep reading books regularly on Bug Club. These follow our school reading scheme and we can add more books whenever you need them. Don't forget Oxford Owl has some brilliant online books too. 


For Maths, please use the White Rose resources which are uploaded to the website weekly. This is the scheme we also use at school. Remember there are lots of fun maths games on Manga High, which is updated every week as well as times tables practice if you fancy it! 


Topic work and project ideas are listed at the bottom of the page. Don't forget you can also do lots of cooking, gardening, art, music, nature walks and so many other fun things are part of your afternoon topic time too. See below some extra bits you might like to try this week...

Soap carving


Grow a Rainbow challenge (download document below)


Tie-dye with Tumeric!


100 ideas to do at home. Whilst aimed at KS1 as well as KS2, you might find some fun activities to keep you busy! (download document below)


Read, read, read! You could visit the library and don't forget to sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge  or enrol online.  Go to to find out more.


Don't forget the Gloucestershire Virtual Games Competition. There is a new activity and video this week. Check out the details here: Send your scores to Mr Beale too. 


I can't wait to hear from you all this week! I miss you all loads but you continue to make me smile and feel so proud even though we aren't together at the moment. Remember to keep in touch and let me know if there is anything I can help with. KEEP SAFE, KEEP LEARNING AND KEEP SMILING EVERYONE ! x

Miss K and Mrs J x 


Additional Literacy Resources 


Additional Maths Resources 

BBC Bitesize 


w/c 29th June:

Last week was School Diversity Week and this week it is Children’s Art Week so we thought we would celebrate the two together. Your topic work is based on diversity, similarities and differences. Remember it is these differences that make us all so special! As well as your self-portrait art work it would be amazing if you could create your own piece of art work to show what diversity means to you or what you have found out this week. We have added some play dough mats and a recipe for non-cook play dough that you could make at home! You could also make a ‘guess who’ style game and add your own characters – make sure they are all different so the game isn’t too easy. There is a template to write a poem on what makes you special and one to compare yourself to one of your friends, we don’t always like the same things and that is okay! We have also added a link to the song ‘I Have a Song to Sing’ which you might remember from our assemblies.


Parents - We know that talking to your children about these subjects can sometimes be difficult so we have also added a link below to the Unicef website where there is some great advice for parents on how to talk about diversity and racism.

Practical Project ideas for KS1:

  • Look at the food in your cupboards and see which food contains palm oil.
  • Research another country or place in the world and create a poster about it.
  • Make a model (out of junk/lego/toys) and then write a set of instructions so that your friends could make another model just like yours too.
  • Write a diary about what you are doing every day.
  • Create a hand wash poster.
  • Cooking with your family.
  • Explore some artists online and create your own art in their style.
  • Cosmic Yoga
  • Throwing/catching a ball outside.
  • Write a story.
  • Write a book review.
  • Label things around your house with phonics.
  • Go on a nature hunt.
  • Make a picture for an older person near your house.  
  • Write a letter to a neighbour about what you are doing.
  • Create your own dance routine.
  • Make a den using towels, sheets or pillows.
  • Send Miss Goodchild/Miss Kethro some pictures of what you are doing.
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Additional Home Learning Packs