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With children spending more time online due to school closures we have add new content for parents on the 'Online Safety' page of our website. There you will find links to some extremely useful websites aimed at keeping you and your family safe online. Thinkuknow have also produced some home learning packs with 15 minute activities for you to work through with your children at home. 

Class 3 Home Learning Information

Hello Class 3,


I hope you've had an amazing first week of home learning and have been enjoying the lovely weather. I have loved hearing from some of your parents and seeing what you have been up to. Don't forget that you can email me too if you have any questions or you want to share the amazing work and things you have been doing.  These will be shared in the Home Learning Display Wall which is above and gems or house points will be awarded for work posted. There's already some of your classmates fantastic work that you can see. I would love to add more!


This week, in addition to your Maths and Literacy activities, I have added some extra work in the project section which is all about animals and nature. There are some ideas of fun activities and resources which may help you with the activities. 

Again, try to keep a routine of a Maths, Literacy and some exercise in the morning. In the afternoon, you can have some project time and all important leisure time. Also, don't forget to keep reading your books too!


Have a lovely week and don't forget that you or your parents can email me if you have any questions at all or would like to share your work or other fun activities that you are getting up to.


Have fun and look after yourselves!


Mr Beale

Weekly Maths and Literacy Lessons

Further Literacy Resources and Websites

Further Maths Resources and Websites


Nature and Animals Project Activity ideas

  • Minibeast Hunt and Bug Hotel- Get out into the garden and make a bug hotel. Go on a mini beast hunt and record what you find. If you find any minibeasts that you haven’t seen before you could always look it up online. What can you find out about these amazing creatures?


  • Design a treasure map- Design your own treasure map using the instructions on the resource below.


  • Bush Craft Challenges- Take part in some of the bush craft challenges in the resource below.


  • Spring Hunt- Take part in a Spring hunt- Write down evidence of things and/or take pictures/draw pictures of things that show that it’s the beginning of spring. You may want to research before about what the signs of spring are.



  • Animal Top Trumps- Create some top trump cards about different animals to play with your family.


Additional Home Learning Packs