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Mrs A and Mrs S have been awarding gems and House Points for all the work you've been doing and the effort you've put in!

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Class 5 home learning information


Week 14:


Hello Class 5!


Another video message for you this week! Have a look and a listen below.


So here we are, class 5 with one week to go until our summer holidays! We have missed each and every one of you during lockdown and we cannot wait to get back to our "new normal" in September. Listen to our video below, in which we explain a little about how things will look for us all when we return after the 6 weeks. 


In terms of your home learning this week, please keep going with the core subject work if you can, and any of the actviities we posted up last week that take your fancy. In addition please complete a YEAR 5 to YEAR 6 TRANSITION QUESTIONNAIRE and a MY PROFILE (of your choice). You will find these in the transition star on the main school home learning page. These should be emailed back to ourselves or Mrs B by Friday 18th July. Mrs B has put together some French-themed actvities too to coincide with the "Bastille day" celebrations in France on 14th July. Lastly, don't forget about the FGR applications (see below).


Here is a reminder of your maths and Literacy choices:


Complete the daily White Rose lesson, first watching the video and then completing the worksheets. Remember to mark your work and learn from your mistakes :) 


Complete a literacy task each day. There are two options and this week we also have a very special task to complete:

Option A: Hamilton Literacy lesson every day.

Option B: Over the course of the week, complete 3 SPaG mats, the "WORD OF THE DAY" activity and 1 - 2 writing tasks (these will change each week - try to choose things that you're interested in.

FOREST GREEN ROVERS APPLICATION! Open to all year 5 pupils!

Are you passionate about football? Are you an advocate of "green living"? Are you confident at sharing information with others (being a public speaker)? Are you a positive role model at school?

If so, this exciting opportunity might appeal to you!

Forest Green Rovers are looking to recruit a year 6 " FGR ambassador"  from the British School. The role of the FGR ambassador is to promote the club and share with others how the club works. FGR is run in a very environmentally-friendly way - the footballers are said to live, breathe and work sustainably - and the ambassador will learn all about this and promote the values of sustainability. The ambassador will also have the opportunity to 

  • receive a free season ticket
  • be invited on the pitch to lead out the team with other ambassadors before a game.
  • invite a player into their school to talk about their career, role models, and the importance for hard work and dedication.

Further details of the role and FGR can be found by clicking on the link below: 


If this sounds like something you would LOVE to do, we are asking you to write an application, in which you should tell us in as much detail as you can (a minimum od 20 sentences):
  • why you want the role 
  • why you think you are the right person for the role
  • how you will share what you do with children and staff at school, if you were to be given the role
  • why you think the ambassador role is important and worthwhile

And remember to give your application an appropriate title, to write neatly and clearly, using interesting vocabularly and well-structured sentences and to check your spellings! 


Email Mrs B or us your completed applications! Good luck!



  • Soap carving

  • Look at "links to websites". Here you'll find ideas for a variety of activities. (download document below)

  • Grow a Rainbow challenge. (download document below)

  • Tie-dye with Tumeric!

  • Create a magazine on all the things you like! If Mrs Smith were doing one, she'd include an article about dancing, add photos of her family, include a puzzle section, a recipe, an exercise challenge, some book recommendations and so on. You could do this on Publisher or Word or by hand.

  • 100 ideas to do at home. Whilst aimed at KS1 as well as KS2, you might find some fun activities to keep you busy! (download document below)

  • What do you want to learn about? Mrs Smith would like to know all the countries in the world! Why not research something new that you want to find out more about?!

  • Read, read, read! You could visit the library and sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge  or enrol online.  Go to to find out more.

  • How about investigating the WAMA "share your lockdown experience" creative task. Mrs Swain has made a page on the Class Pages homepage with all of the details here:
  • Mr Beale's Gloucestershire Schools PE challenge. All info found here

  • Do you go for daily walks with your family? Perhaps you go on bike rides? Total up the number of miles you do in a week!

  • STEM challenges (download document below)


Big smiles and virtual hugs!


Mrs Amigoni, Mrs Smith, Mrs B and Mrs Butler xx


Week 14 video message

Still image for this video

Weekly maths and literacy lessons:

Further maths resources:

Further literacy resources:

Other activities: