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Week 13

Lucie has done her transition booklet
Super writing Lucie!
I think you’re going to have a great year next year!
Lucie has done some drawings about school as well! Well done Lucie
Mylah has completed her transition book
Well done Mylah- you’ve got some fun things to look forward to!
Fantastic handwriting as well!
Lovely drawing of you and your friends!
As a birthday treat Mylah had her ears pierced!
Mylah made some yummy chocolate orange cakes!
She also made some slime!

Week 12

Mylah has made a really yummy looking pizza
Super drawing and facts about Mylah
What a lovely I Am Special poem
Mylah has been working hard learning about money!
Fantastic writing about Mylah and her friend
Harper is getting ready to move to year 1
Well this looks like a yummy cake!!
Super hand dinosaurs and labels Harper
Wow lots of brilliant subtraction Harper!
Kiya has made a rainbow like the children in school
Kiya has been working hard on fractions
She's been working on halves and quarters
Kiya went on a lovely bike ride this week!
Bobbi has been preparing for his move to year 1
Bobbi has been writing about himself and one of his friends
Well done Bobbi you've worked hard this week!
Mitchell has worked hard on phonics this week
Fantastic handwriting as well Mitchell!
Keep up the hard work Mitchell!
Zane has been doing lots of reading this week!
He has also started work on division
Super work on division problems Zane!
He's also included halving and doubling this week as well! Keep it up Zane

Week 11 Certificates

Charley got a certificate for being super kind!
Kiya has been working hard at home!
Great home learning from Mitchell!

Week 11

Nova has been working hard on her number sentences
Spelling the days of the week. Well done Nova
Learning all about healthy eating. Keep it up Nova
Kiya has been working hard learning about money
Fantastic drawing and description of yourself Kiya
What beautiful paintings Kiya!
Mitchell has been solving maths problems this week
Word problems can be tricky! Well done Mitchell
Mitchell has learnt the trigraph 'ure' this week.
Harper has used playdoh to create different looks
A super drawing from Harper
Harper's work on differences and similarities
Zane has done lots of reading this week.
Super work answering questions on what he's read
Zane has worked hard on missing number problems
He's also done lots of work on multiplication

Week 10 Work of the Week Certificates

Bobbi has a certificate for amazing work at home!
Charlie has been working super hard on his maths.
Kian also had a certificate for his maths work.

Week 10!

Bobbi has been working hard for World Music Day!
Some superb maths from Bobbi
Bobbi has been practising handwriting and spelling
Mitchell has been working very hard on maths again
Consolidation of the sounds Mitchell has learnt
He really has worked so hard on his phonics!
Zane has continued to work on telling the time!
Excellent work Zane on a tricky topic!
Not only telling the time but doubling and halving
Kiya has made a beautiful musical shaker
Kiya has worked really hard this week...
and she has made a yummy cornflake cake!

Week 9 Work of the Week Certificates

Harper got a certificate for her wonderful castle
Zane got a certificate for working so hard in maths

Week 9!

Some fabulous photos of Pixie having lots of fun!
What a lovely family time!
Nova has been busy with lots of maths this week
Fantastic work using 10 frames Nova
Well done for spotting the shapes in the castle
Excellent Nova, you found and fixed the mistake!
Harper has found a cure for Dragon Pox!!
Eep! I hope I don't get dragon pox!
Harper has made and decorated a beautiful castle!
Harper went on a colour walk and wrote about it
Zane has been counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s.
Lots of really hard work, well done Zane!
He's been working on one more/ one less too!
Lots of wonderful maths being done!
Wow! Zane has also been learning to tell time
Half past can be tricky, well done Zane!
So much maths this week Zane!
Keep it up!
Mitchell is creating a number line.
Mitchell;'s completed number line.
Well done Mitchell, you spotted the mistake!
Excellent use of 10 frames Mitchell!
Keep up the hard work!
Fantastic adding Mitchell.
Mitchell has also worked hard on his phonics!
Two trigraphs this week! Well done
Mylah has done some work on different jobs.
Mylah has made a fabulous worry monster!
Such a thoughtful Father's Day gift Mylah!
Looks like a fun day at the beach!

Week 8!

Nova has been busy making home made play doh!
Gorgeous flowers Nova!
Nova and her sisters painted this rainbow
They then drew their family underneath! How lovely
Kiya has been working hard on who can help us
She has also been learning about different jobs
Great work this week Kiya! Well done
A yummy flapjack treat for all Kiya's hard work.
Wow Harper has been doing lots of maths this week!
Well done Harper you really know your number bonds
What a lovely piece of writing Harper! Well done
Nova has been busy decorating biscuits. Yummy!
Nova has been working hard on her maths
Lots of addition number sentences this week
Super work Nova!
Well done for practising your handwriting as well!
Nova has been finding out who can help us!
Super work learning the days of the week Mitchell
Well done Mitchell- lots of practice!
Fantastic crown Mitchell!
This is a great list and super handwriting!
Mitchell's maths this week!
Lots of subtraction- well done Mitchell
Mitchell has done lots of phonics this week
What super handwriting Mitchell
Keep up the hard work!
Zane has been doing some excellent work in Maths
Well done Zane- you've done a real mix of maths!
Keep up the hard work Zane!
Zane has also been working hard in Literacy
Lots of work on sentence building!
Super work on times of the day Zane!
Great work using time words Zane!
Zane has ordered lengths of time
Zane has been learning about months and seasons
Mylah has been counting in 10s this week.
Lots of super maths Mylah!
This looks like a lot of fun Mylah!
What a happy smile! Splashing about in the stream

Week 7!

Eloise has been busy practising her tricky words
and making a yummy pizza
Eloise has been doing some fantastic colour mixing
Nova has been working hard on her reading!
Lots of hard work with phonics as well Nova!
Keep it up!
Super comparing numbers to 10 Nova!
These plants look great Nova!
Can't wait to see how they get on as they grow
These flapjacks look really yummy!
What a super sentence to show how much fun you had
Nova has been creating repeating patterns in art
Brilliant pictures Nova!
I love the decoration on your spiral Mitchell!
What a super spiral Mitchell!
Mitchell has been doing some maths based
the story of The Snail and the Whale.
Wow! Super addition number sentences Mitchell!
Mitchell has worked hard to learn the 'ar' sound
He's also learnt the 'or' digraph
and the long 'oo' sound
Wow Mitchell has even learnt the short 'oo' sound
Super handwriting and phonics Mitchell!
Pirate Logan looks like he's having lots of fun!
Logan busy playing with his truck outside
Here is Logan working hard on his reading
Really fantastic work Logan
I can see how hard you are concentrating!
Mylah has been working hard measuring mass
Mylah has done a great job learning about capacity
Brilliant counting in 2's Mylah!
More counting in 2's! Keep it up Mylah
Great work using -ing words correctly Mylah
Looks like really good fun climbing in trees!
Mylah made some brownies for her uncle's birthday!
Kiya has done some great maths this week!
Kiya has done  minibeast hunt in her garden.
She found lots of interesting minibeasts!
Bobbi has been working hard on his reading.
Fantastic reading and matching Bobbi!
Some brilliant dino adding Bobbi!
Super phonics Bobbi!
Some more brilliant phonics and handwriting Bobbi!
Bobbi has done some leaf rubbings, they look fab
Look at the people who help us! Well done Bobbi
Bobbi has drawn and decorated a sock
This week in maths Bobbi has been learning
The days of the week
and the correct order
Keep it up Bobbi!

Jasiu Homework Week 7

Gems Week 6! So much amazing learning going on this week :)

Week 6!

Pixie doing some gardening
Chopping up her own fruit!!
Pixie has been doing some handwriting practise
Pixie in the garden with her sister
Pixie has enjoyed looking after her baby
and has made some lovely pictures for her friends!
Phoebe's VE Day bunting
Phoebe's cooking
...making her bunting
More delicious cooking from Phoebe
Oscar's superstar writing
He has been watching the phonics blending lessons
Mitchell's work on tricky words
Some more of Mitchell's phonics work
...learning the 'ng' sound
Mitchell's maths work
More maths from Mitchell
Bobbi has been cooking
...he has made cheese twists
and scones!
Harper’s spider web
Oscar’s spider web
Millie’s walk
What a lovely sunny day!
Harper made a den!
Oscar's phonics
Oscar's maths
Bonnie's drawing
...Bonnie has been learning about animals
Daisy and her sister on her walk
Daisy has been stargazing
...and growing some plants
making yummy drinks
Daisy also had her 6th birthday!
Another one of Daisy's walks
Daisy being creative
Daisy doing some gardening
Eloise has been working on maths
and her tricky words!
Lovely neat writing Eloise
Kane has been busy gardening
Kane working on his handwriting
His plants are growing!!
Kiya's baking
Kiya's writing
Kiya's maths - amazing!
Lucie's maths work
Lucie's literacy
Well done Lucie!
More writing from Lucie
Mitchell's maths work
Great number sentences Mitchell
Some maths from Oscar
and super sentences!
Mylah has been using Ten Town at home
and making!
She even made BFG potion!!
Mylah has learnt to ride without stabilisers :)
Nova has been taking away
and adding
Super maths work Nova!
Charlie in his garden
Mylah's maths this week
Charlie working on his handwriting
Play dough time!
Some maths from Charlie
and Charlie's yummy pudding
Harper making her model village
The finished design
Millie and her Carnivorous Garden!
Harper played a sensory game
Here are the objects she used
Harper's maths work
Harper's work on Ted's house
Ted's House
Oscar's houses
Kiya's village
Harper has done some tie dye
Millie's lava lamp experiment
She's also made carrot cake
Oscar's dotty art
Kian on a walk
Helping with the decorating
Kian helping in the kitchen
Kian tried lettuce for the first time and liked it
Kiya made jammy dodgers! yum!
Kiya's maths work
Kiya's topic work
Kristian's VE Day preparations

Gems Week 5

Week 5....

Phoebe's work on the local area
and her puppet show!
Nova found these circles in her house
Mrs Newns made churros!
...did a puzzle
She's been doing some building too :)
Nova's patterns
more maths from Nova
Harper has been working on missing numbers
Millie helped make a keepsake blanket
Millie has been labelling
all sorted of things around the house!
Oscar played a number matching game
He also found lots of circles!
Oscar made his own pattern
Oscar made a shaker using yoghurt pots
Millie's been riding her bike
...shadow drawing
...and chalking!
Amazing writing from Oscar!
He's been writing lots of words! Amazing!
Oscar did some literacy work
Kiya has been learning about VE day
She completed a work search
Kiya's maths work!
Kiya's window decorations - wow!
Cutting out planes for VE day learning
Zane has been busy in the kitchen
Zane's also been learning about VE Day
Lovely colouring Zane!
Some of Zane's maths work
More cooking from Zane
Zane doing his PE workout
Even more cooking! Safety first Zane :)
Zane planting some seeds
He looks very proud!
Maison's bunting in the window
Maison enjoying some walks with his siblings
Maison's plants are looking good!
What do you think he might be growing?
Mylah's hand washing poster
Mylah's maths work
She's been working with big numbers!
Nova's VE Day picture - it looks great!
Zane's VE Day art
Oscar learning about the countries involve in WW2
...he made his own bunting too!
Good to see you working on your cutting skills
Oscar's hungry caterpillar finger painting
WW2 planes
Miss Goodchild's cake on VE day!
Miss Goodchild had a street party
Harper's picnic shopping list
and her hungry caterpillar maths
 Harper's Kandinsky inspired art work
Harper's super sentences
More amazing phonics from Oscar!!
Maison has been finding out about moths!
Jack has been doing some adding

Gems Week 4!

Summer Term WC 27th April 2020

Ruby writing in the garden - in style!
Ruby on her trampoline
Ruby practising her colours!
Ruby exercising with her siblings :)
... and swinging in her garden
Mrs Sutton’s week!
Mitchell has been practising writing his name
He also had to fix his office chair
...hooray he did it!
Mitchell's sentence work
and number bonds to 10
Mitchell's White Rose Maths
and his correct answers!
Oscar drew a treasure map and hunted for clues!
Oscar tested which objects floated or sunk
...he wore a stripey top like a real pirate!
His brother joined in too :)
Harper used her phonics to spell lots of words!
Harper made pirate telescopes
...and decorated them using repeating patterns
Oscar did a science experiment
...look what happened!
Oscar drew a treasure map
Can you see the X marks the spot?
Some of Kristian's home learning
...and his fun outside!
More maths from Mitchell
...he has also been practising his tricky words!
Nova’s repeating pattens
And her local area work
Some maths with Nova
Nova practising her sounds 👍
Amazing sentences from Nova!
Mylah made a bird house with her Dad
and did the skittles experiment
Mylah dyed her hair like a rainbow - WOW!!
...she also planted carrots, beans and tomatoes
Oscar’s pirate ship
Kiya made brownies
and flapjack!!
Some of Kiya’s maths work
and her literacy!
Bobbi used his easter chocolate
and made yummy cakes
Miss Goodchild saw alpacas on her walk
Another one of Miss Goodchild’s walks
Miss Goodchild’s plants
Eloise has braids in her hair
Treasure hunting
Eloise camped outside!

Gems at end of Week 3!

Week 3! :)

Pixie has been very busy and BRAVE!
Mitchell's Phonics
Kian working on repeating patterns
Maison’s maths work
Maison’s plants
Mylah cooking pancakes!
Mylah’s colouring
Mylah working on number bonds
Nova’s jelly trap
Chopping up the jelly for the trap
Nova’s fairy garden has started to grow!
Oscar made flower stew
Oscar did phonics with Bunny!
Harper’s Supertato trap!
Getting the objects out of the trap!
Harper’s work on the local area
Harper has been spitting sounds on her walk
And the ‘ng’ sound!
Harper did a survey on her walk - WOW!

Gems at end of week 2!

Week 2 - 1 gem for all work featured this week :)

Phoebe found the 'sh' sound on a walk
Oscar has been making repeating patterns
Mitchell reading and writing CVC words
Mylah made a cake for her Nonny's birthday
...and filled in this 100 square!
Eloise making play dough with her family
...and playing with it after!
 Eloise's snack shop - she's been working out cost
Colouring too!
Eloise painted the bench with her family
Lucie made Easter biscuits for her family
Mitchell completed a puzzle
Mitchell did some woodwork
Mitchell drew and labelled a garden
Maison working on his handwriting
Maison learning about capacity in maths!

Gems at end of week 1!

Week 1 - 2 proud gems for all pictures featured this week!

Mylah has been chalking outside
...and making a skateboard  - how amazing
Bonnie wrote down all that she saw on her walk
Charlie went on a bike ride
Harper has been painting nails
Millie made rainbow cake - yum!
Kian has been building a bird house
Bobbi doing shadow drawing
Number sentences from Harper
Harper labelled the Grufffalo - this is fab!
Kiya made a dragon
Kiya writing numbers up to 100
Zane working on his alien words
Mitchell working on his letter formation
Pixie writing CVC words
Pixie also did some baking!
Oscar's counting and matching
Jasiu made pizza!
Jasiu has been enjoying his maths work
Logan's rainbow to help cheer everyone up!
Logan reading CVC words and matching them
Pencil control from Phoebe
Nova has been writing about her walk
Lucie working on her handwriting
Charlie's phonics
Mitchell making repeating patterns