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w/c 13th July

Walter has been doing some problem solving this week.
Well done Walter, time is quite tricky and you've done brilliantly!
Walter has written a book about a woodpecker
Some fantastic description Walter!
You've illustrated it beautifully as well!
Oh a twist! Well done Walter
Phew I am glad they found somewhere else!
Walter has been learning french numbers and completed a colour by number! Fantastic work!

w/c 6th July

A future superstar in the making Keila!
Super hard work in Literacy fantastic handwriting
Keila has been recording the weather recently.
Teddy has written a wonderful letter to Miss Kethro!
Ted has been doing some summer themed maths this week
Super work answering questions about what you have read Ted
What a super piece of writing Walter
Walter has been working hard on rhymes this week
Walter has been answering questions on what he has read
He's also been doing lots of hard work in maths
Walter has been measuring capacity and temperature
Wow lots of 4 times table as well! Keep it up Walter
A bit of a wet walk for Brooke this week
Fun with sparklers as well
Some super description in this writing Brooke. Well done!
Great facts about a Coati, well done Brooke
Brooke has been working on finding halves this week
William has been to the allotment- look what he has grown!
Tie-dying fun for William
More yummy cooking
Lots of fun outdoors this week for William

w/c 29th June

Brooke has been den building this week!
These are beautiful pieces of work Brooke.
Brooke's ideas on what to do when lockdown is over
A lovely thank you card for the owl pellets.
Brooke dissected the owl pellet...
She found and sorted bones froma shrew and 2 voles
Teddy has written a fact file on stick insects!
Yummy strawberry picking!
Ted has been helping his dad paint the barber shop
Having lots of fun playing games!
William has been busy!
Some super writing from William- good boy
Here's some of Walter's great writing
Walter's delicious birthday cake!

w/c 22nd June

Walter has made some wonderful windchimes!
Albert the guinea pig does sound cheeky Walter!
Walter has been doing some practical maths!
Emily has done lovely work for World Music Day
What a beautiful piece of writing Emily!
Emily has been working hard on comparing numbers
William has written about his perfect dream!
Lots of hard work comparing numbers William
Some fantastic work done for World Music Day
A wonderful poster on Sun Safety. Well done Poppy
A fantastic piece of writing on owl pellets Brooke
Here is Brooke looking for an owl pellet todissect
Teddy has been flying his kite
He then wrote a step by step guide. Well done Ted
Macie has done some wonderful art
She’s also been looking after her guinea pigs!
Super scooting Macie!
Daniel has written some lovely advice for bedtime
Some of Daniel’s work for World Music Day
First strawberry from his garden. Looks yummy!
Some of the fun things William has been up to!
Excellent piece of writing William- good boy!

Brooke has made a drum for World Music Day

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w/c 15th June

A brilliant acrostic poem written by Siobhan
Busy making cupcakes!
Here's some topic work that Siobhan has been doing
Lots of work on local history from Shiv
Siobhan has written instructions for cakes
Beautiful work Siobhan!
Siobhan has learnt about the body!
This is great work!
Writing about Wotton Hill by Shiv
Learning about teeth for Shiv and her sisters
Wow- Shiv has even done some geography work!
I love the sound of this potion Siobhan
Siobhan's family have done a chocolate project...
They designed...
and made the chocolate bars.
They even made the wrappers...
and a special chocolate slogan too!
What a fantastic project guys, well done!
A chocolate poem to finish off Shiv's project!
Edie's butterflies have hatched this week!
Look at the gorgeous pattern on the wings!
Edie is creating her own butterfly fact file book
She has even been sewing the pages herself!
Siobhan has been dam building with her family
Andy is proud of his comparing numbers maths!
He's done 1 more and 1 less work too
Harvey has been out and about with his dog- lovely
Walter created his own fruit sponge cake!
Great book review Walter - well done
Walter is working hard on his handwriting!
Keila has been making spaghetti models
What a fun and yummy activity Keila!
Poppy has written a letter about Greenpeace
A thank you card made by Pops
Lovely writing this week Poppy!
Brooke has made a rain gauge -the best week for it
What a lovely letter to Miss Kethro Brooke!!
Brooke has been exploring using play doh!
Emily has done some lovely literacy this week!
Great work on one more one less Emily!
Lots of rain this week! Let's hope for some sun!
Emily has worked hard practising her phonics.
William has worked hard on his literacy.
In maths William has worked on one more one less.
William's weather watching work. Rain rain rain!
William has been working hard on phonics!
Rory wrote a poem and got his Blue Peter badge!!
Practical maths for Rory- shapes
A digestion and poo experiment for Rory and Ferne
A beautiful letter written by Daniel
Great life cycle images Daniel
Daniel went on a colour hunt in his garden
Daniel found a wasp nest!
Walter created an explorer book
Beautiful illustrations
Look at all the places he has been...
Super imagination Walter
Well done!
I love William's book review- well done!
Some of the fun things William has been doing...
Great 2-step problems William, good boy!

Brooke has learnt to ride her bike! Well done Brooke!

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Siobhan's advert for her new chocolate bar!

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w/b 8th June

Keila celebrated her 7th birthday on Sunday!
They even played party games...
and had delicious birthday cake!
A special birthday ride for Siobhan - 7 on Monday!
Poppy has made her own rainbow!
Can you spot her family under the rainbow?
Great work on answering superhero questions
Poppy's superhero is Daddy- how lovely!
Great work Pops
Poppy has found the opposites
I'd like to live in the country too Poppy!
Lovely drawing of where you live
Counting in 2s for Pops
Great maths Poppy!
Poppy has done counting in 5s too!
Walter has written a book review of The Hodgeheg
He even did a story board of what might come next!
Here's what he thinks the hedgehogs get up to...
Some great money work this week Walter
Keep it up!
Have a look at Walter's writing!
Emily has been counting in 2s and 5s this week!
She has worked on past tense too
Emily has done some topic work - well done!
Here's some of William's great maths
William has work hard with past tense
and he's even done some topic! Good boy
Emily has been learning to ride her bike...
and so has William. How cool is that?!
Walter wrote instructions for a yummy jelly recipe
and then made it too! Looks delicious Walter
Walter has been working hard on his times tables
Brooke had a go at the firework science test!
Some excellent spelling practise too
Brooke went to the stream and found a shrimp!
Brooke baked some flapjack for her cousins
Some of Brooke's maths this week
Good girl Brooke!
Great counting in 2s Brooke
A beautiful poem written by Brooke
Still going with her daily exercise- well done
Look at that jump!
Brooke is growing her own fruit and veg
Brooke has written her own Goldilocks story
Look at her sunflower!
Beautiful writing from Brooke about the country
Andy has been counting in 10s,
and 2s!
He has had a picnic in the park- yummy!
Andy has been having fun outside!
Hard at work...
Well done Andy for doing some writing this week!
Smiles all round after working hard
Yummy homemade pizza from Poppy
Some excellent writing by Pops
Busy doing her topic work!
Poppy has looked at people who help us
More great maths done by Pops!
A great week of work from Poppy
Read Keila's brilliant book review!
She has also been on a colour walk this week!
Poppy has been decorating biscuits this week!
Poppy is having lunch in the den that she built!
Look at some of Walter's alternative rhymes
Look at Walter's super writing- good boy!
Walter completed 5-a-day maths!
Practical problem solving for Walter
More problem solving maths- great work
An excellent picture of Uncle Larry...
and great writing too- very funny Walter!
Teddy got stick insects for his birthday
He's been learning how to look after them
Teddy wrote letters and posted them to his family
Teddy went out and about for some exercise!
Daniel has worked on past tense
He's used comparison words too!
Vegetable writing from Daniel
Daniel wrote about his superhero Daddy!
Some lovely writing from Daniel about the country
Love the picture of where you live Daniel
Great counting in 5s...
and 10s Danny!
Some extra maths done by Daniel this week
Daniel completed his topic work
He went litter picking
and found some plastic in the environment
Daniel went on some walks with Jamie and Isla
Enjoying some Slovakian treats- yum!
Daniel looking for tadpoles
William's been getting arty!
Here's some fun things that William has been doing
More yummy treats!
William has done some extra maths mats this week
William and Elizabeth experimenting with foods
Recipe writing for William
More super maths from William
He has really been working hard!
Keep up the great work
William's animal recipes
Some great writing about Desmond
William says "My sister is an alien!!"
Keila has been reading to her family

w/b 1st June

Macie has been enjoying the sunshine
She has been doing lots of cooking too!
Poppy looked after a poorly bird
Poppy's recount about the bird she helped
Some of Poppy's great maths from this week!
Well done Poppy
A lovely story about River and Brooke by Poppy
Poppy's superheroes
Batman by Pops
Emily has done some beautiful Peter Rabbit work!
Emily has ticked off lots of acts of kindness
Great maths Emily
I like the sound of Emily's girl superhero!
Poppy made and then wrote about flapjacks- yum!
Look at William's lovely work on Peter Rabbit!
Lots of kind acts done, even tidying his room!
I agree, Superman is a great superhero William
Some great maths done by William
Andy's been working hard on his maths
He's been learning about capacity
Great maths Andy- well done!
Fun in the sun
Andy has been doing lots of reading too
Siobhan and Isobelle have been baking
Using maths to measure ingredients
Well done girls!
Looks so yummy!
Brooke has become the champion of 'Cups' !
Look at that beautiful bubble
Brooke has become interested in nature - awesome!
She has found all sorts on her nature walks
Well done Brooke- Joe Wicks this week everyday
Deweeding for Nana- how lovely
What lovely things to be grateful for Brooke
Brooke has created her own superhero for Literacy
Great spelling work with 'ing' Brooke
Super maths- well done!
Brooke has ticked off so many kindness acts!
Teddy has been doing his Literacy this week!
Good boy Ted- you are working hard!
Wow! Some back garden archery for Ted
Beautiful butterfly spotted by Teddy
Teddy has had his birthday this week...
Happy Birthday Teddy!
Poppy has made play dough
Daniel has tried some problem solving
Working backwards is tricky!
Awesome spider man Daniel
You have worked hard on your superhero writing
Great comparison Daniel
Have a look at Daniel's 'ing' words
Daniel's cool superhero!
A real superhero comic conversation!
Leo and Daniel went strawberry picking
Daniel has been looking after his plants
William and Elizabeth have been painting...
and doing puzzles together!
William has been working so hard!
What a beautiful painting William!
Here is some of William's maths from this week
Some more brilliant work!
Here's some of William's English from this week
Keep it up William!
A mini Ostrich book by William
William has done some Cheltenham Festival Science!
Here's some of Macie's work from this week...
and some more! Well done Mace
Macie has done some painting...
and she made her own fairy gardens too
Fun in the sun with her brothers!
Macie painted some pots
They look beautiful!
Macie made a slide for her toys
Look at this awesome gutter track!
The Princess and the Unicorn story
I love the story Macie!
Well done for working hard on your writing
and your illustrations too!
Brooke visited a nature reserve with her family
Brooke found plastic on her walk...
then she wrote about plastic in the environment!
Nature bingo for Brooke
Wow look at those beautiful flowers!
Looks like a really fun day out Brooke
Some of the things Brooke found...
What a lovely idea!
Brooke the nature explorer!
Harvey has done science experiments this week
A bouncy ball made of crystals and water!
Harvey got arty with loo rolls making...
...Super cool ninjas!
Walter's butterflies have emerged!
Some tie dying at Walter's house
Some great writing about the wombats- well done!
The wombat poo fact is very interesting!!
Walter's maths work- good boy!
Some of Walter's super art from this week
Tricky tense work- well done!
Yummy pink elderflower cordial made by Walter
How cool are these?! Walter did geode smashing
Walter's fruit cake recipe - delicious!

Walter's Animation

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Half Term Fun!

Keila designed, made and painted a super house!
Look at how Emily's sweet peas are growing!
William's cornflower is growing loads too!
Walter's caterpillars have turned into chrysalides
Walter joined in with Rob's online art class
Emily has written a biography about Beatrix Potter
Ivy's super drawing of Mount Stromboli
James has got an exciting science project
Waiting for his caterpillars to change!
Juliet has learnt to ride a bike- amazing!
Teddy has been looking after his plants
What a great job you are doing Teddy
Teddy is now growing beans, tomatoes and more!
Awesome colouring Teddy
This looks like great fun!
Teddy has been enjoying going for walks
William has written about Beatrix Potter-well done
William has been having lots of fun outside!
More delicious baking for William
William and Elizabeth joined an online art class
Freda Kahlo portrait- just fantastic!!
Using a knife safely to create tools
Well done for being grown up with this!
A homemade bow and arrow
William has been enjoying rollerblading!
William made a special book about pets
Have a read of his story
Well done William- I love it!
Daniel made homemade elderflower cordial
Fun in the lake for Danny and Leo
Enjoying the half term fun
Daniel and Dad hard at work...
What an awesome marble run!

Walter's 'When I grow up...' homemade book

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Summer Term Week 5 w/c 18th May

James has been busy with his writing
He even went searching for fossils
Harvey has interviewed his Mum for topic this week
He even dressed up as a person who helps us!
Walter's planned a great story about Lexi-Wexi
Some great maths from Walter too!
Ivy has been enjoying the beautiful sun this week
Walter's booklet story
Love it Walter- well done!
Poppy has been planning a story!
Here are her characters
I can't wait to read the finished version!
Emily has made a model for our topic this week!
Great maths this week Emily
Some of Emily's writing
William has made a model for our topic this week
Here's some of William's maths
William's done some great writing too!
I love the sound of Walter's feathery monster
Great 2 times table work Walter - well done!
Lilly has been doing some real life writing
She sent some letters to family
Lilly has also been doing some phonics
Great work!
This is a tricky sound to do!
Here's some of Lilly's maths
Keep it up Lilly!
Alex did some really cool art for his brother!
Fun outdoors for Andy and Joe
Wow, this looks cool Andy!
Andy says 'Stay Safe'
Andy has worked hard on his maths this week!
Wow- Brooke has taught me something new!!
Super story writing from Brooke- well remembered!
Great maths Brooke
Brooke measured the length of things with coins
A super cool treasure hunt with help from Harvey
More super maths!
Repotting sunflowers now they are growing so tall!
Daniel's favourite foods- great writing!
Super maths by Daniel
These are lovely things to do!
Daniel's working hard with his writing
Handa's Dog by Daniel
I love your own book and story!
Well done Daniel
Hugo sounds lovely
An awesome lego model made by Daniel
Outside fun for Leo and Danny

Magic Science done by Walter and Georgina

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Summer Term Week 4 w/c 11th May

Brooke stayed in her tent to raise money for NHS!
Daniel has been working hard on his handwriting!
Here's some of Daniel's maths
The Jade Emperor's birthday sounds fun Daniel!
Well done for doing the topic wordsearch too
Daniel hid his painted pebbles
This one is my favourite!
Last week, Harvey made flags for VE day.
Look at Harvey's yummy smartie cookies too!
Some animal drawing for Harvey
More baking for The Bogues!
Yummy carrot scones
A visit to William's house this week!
Poppy has done some great writing already!
Great work on subtracting Poppy
Some super topic work from Emily this week!
Beautiful handwriting Emily- good girl
Walter has been baking- blueberry pancakes...
and carrot cakes!
Some great maths from Walter
Good boy!
More great writing from Walter too
William has done some great topic work this week!
William B had a go at some Harry Potter reading...
and answer some tricky questions. Good boy!
Juliet's super drawing and writing about giraffes!
Lilly has made Union Jack cupcakes...
a unicorn...
and a beautiful fairy garden!
Lilly's been having lots of fun!
Yummy pizza Lilly
Bluebell has been working hard with her maths
Great work Bluebell!
Chef Lilly at work
Some great writing from Teddy!
Teddy has designed his own 'Sonic Land'
Teddy's sunflowers  started growing- how excitng!
How cool is Ted's sonic screwdriver?!
Concentrating on cards for Ted
A woodland walk for Teddy
Walter's super cool Lego challenges...
A boat to escape, a treehouse...
A castle for Prince Charming and Cinderella,
and a wagon to go across the country. Amazing!
Brooke's worked hard on rhyming words this week
She found some fossils on her walk!
Brooke's super model house for her topic work
She even found a bird's egg
Brooke made bracelets...
and slime!
Some of Brooke's super maths too!
Planning the Emperor Jade's party
How brave! Brooke found and held a newt
Super writing Brooke
Yucky but so much fun!
More of Brooke's fossils
Alex and James made a model village for topic!
Daniel and family have been doing lots of walks!
Here's some of Daniel's maths
What a cool but scary dragon!
Great writing about your dragon Daniel
Daniel's super writing
Andy has made a brilliant model house
Here's some of Andy's maths
What a cool lego house Andy!
It looks like Andy is having fun
Macie has been writing about where she lives
Some symmetry maths for Macie too
This looks great fun!
Beautiful arts and crafts Macie
I wonder what you have been planting?
All working hard in Macie's house!
Wow! Beautiful dream writing from Walter!
Excellent maths Walter- good boy!
Another lego challenge- Walter's robot
What do you think of William's dream?
Great writing William
Look at this tricky maths William has been doing
William has been working hard this week
Keep it up!
I am very impressed William!

Summer Term Week 3 (w/c 4th May)

A great start for Poppy this week!
Super work on number bonds
Keep working hard Pops!
A lovely piece of topic work linked with VE Day
Walter's writing- doesn't dragon sound bad?!
Some great maths today Walter
Keep it up Walter!
Leon completing his VE day word search - good job!
A game of snakes and ladders for Leon
Daniel has been working on 'No Thank You!'
He can re-tell the story with his pictures
Lovely work Daniel!
Some great maths this week...
Well done for doing your own too Daniel
Wow- what a cool Lego model from Daniel
Some of Macie's super writing this week!
Well done for working so hard Macie
Keep it up- I am impressed!
James has written the No Thank You story!
Beautiful VE inspired art from Poppy
Super work on adverbs Walter
Some great maths from you too!
Some super writing from Keila- well done!
Beautiful VE day activities from Emily
Emily has been working hard on her maths!
William and Emily worked on VE questions
Great focus with your maths William
William has done some super VE tasks
William and Emily worked on VE questions
Beautifully neat writing from Brooke
Another yummy batch!
Lovely neat maths from Brooke
Brooke has been running every day!
More of Brooke's great maths
Brooke has made bunting for VE day
A nature hunt created all by Brooke!
More great literacy this week- good girl!
One of Brooke's many work spaces!
Brooke has found out all about VE day
Posters made and put up by Brooke near her house!
Alex and James did a science experiment!
They also made VE day spitfires
Alex answered VE day questions- good boy!
Some shark art by Alex
Look at Alex's animal describing words!
You've worked hard on your story planner-well done
Lots of great maths from Alex
Well done for working hard this week again!
Brooke's bunting up for VE day
Harvey's bunting up for VE day
Here's some of William's maths this week
Great comparing of number sentences!
William knows his fact families too!
I love the sound of your super power William
Gribble sounds funny!
Super writing about the dragon William
William's 'extremely deadly' monster
You've worked so hard this week- good boy!

Summer Term Week 3

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Lyla has worked hard to complete this brain teaser puzzle all by herself!

Summer Term Week 3

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Daniel has been practising his piano!

Summer Term Week 3

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Lyla has learnt how to tie her shoe laces- what a super skill to learn!

Summer Term Week 3

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Lyla also has started riding her bike without stabilisers. Amazing Lyla!

Summer Term- Week 2

Daniel hard at work for the start of another week
Some great animal sentences
Well done for learning about half Daniel
Wow look at Jack's house!
More of Daniel's work on fractions
Enjoying time together outside- Daniel & Leo
Juliet has been working hard on her phonics
Good girl Juliet!
Juliet has been doing lots of adding too
Emily's favourite foods
I think Rat would like this cheesy menu!
Great adjectives Emily
Emily has worked hard on her writing this week!
Emily has even done some topic work
Have a look where travelling Ted went with her
Walter has come up with lots of ideas for his poem
Excellent acrostic Walter!
Some great comparing Walter
Keep it up!
William has made a cheesy menu for Rat!
I like these describing words
Yummy foods William
Good boy for working hard on your writing!
William has done some topic work too
Have a look at what travelling Ted did!
Here is some of Andy's work from this week!
Great work Andy
I am impressed!
Andy has been out on his bike again
He even found some tadpoles
Look at his brilliant junk modelling dragon!
Poppy wrote about her sleepover with her sisters!
She also made a special map of places in Wotton
Walter's lovely underwater writing
Walter's Chinstrap penguin- how beautiful!
Teddy is really getting in to his yoga now!
Here is some of Teddy's writing from this week
He is especially proud of his Whale work- super!
Teddy made and painted his very own bird box
Brooke has been working hard on her handwriting!
She found some llamas on her daily walk
Baking Mummy a birthday cake- yummy
Brooke used kinetic sand to mix colours
Brooke has been clapping for the NHS
She likes to get organised like Miss Kethro!
Working hard on her maths too- well done!
Alex had a go at some topic work this week
He's done Literacy...
and some great maths too!
Alex's pokemon picture- how cool!
Alex even made his own Lego game
William and Elizabeth made some yummy brownies!
Den making!
William and  family completed the maths challenge
Some great problem solving William
Good boy for working hard on your writing!
Keep it up :)
Ivy has done some great writing this week!
Look at her work on names!
Well done for doing lots of maths Ivy
Great work on quarters...
and half. Well done Ivy!

Summer Term - Week 1

Poppy has been straight back to it!
Here is some of her literacy
Well done Pops!
Poppy using conjunctions
A beautiful picture from Lilly
James went exploring in the woods
Keila has been working so hard on her handwriting!
Keila has been doing our local area topic hunt
William has been learning to tell the time
Here's some of William's maths...
& some of his writing too!
Macie and her brother have been making slime
Enjoying time in the garden
This looks fun Macie!
Isla made bookmarks and posted them to family
Isla and her sisters out on an adventure
Walter has been working hard on his writing...
and his maths!
Alex took 'Travelling Ted' on a walk
Alex has worked hard this week!
Here are some of Alex's rhymes
Keep it up Alex!
Andy has been working hard with his maths
He's been out in the garden lots!
Andy went for a sunset walk
Well done for working hard on your writing Andy!
Brooke has been taking care of the plants
Brooke has been going on lots of walks...
and she even runs every morning with Daddy!
Brooke fed a fieldmouse - how brave!
A beautiful story map by Brooke
Daniel has been working hard this week!
Here is some of Daniel's work
Daniel painted with Daddy in the garden
He painted special rocks to hide
Daniel and his family dressed up for Easter
Making creatures out of boxes
Daniel having fun with his brother outside
Edie and her new baby sister, Nell
Cooking at home with Edie
Edie and her family made a dam in the river
A super project made by Freddie and his Dad!
Harvey did some science experiment baking!
Look at Teddy's super writing
Dinosaur excavating for Teddy
Teddy has been planting seeds in the garden
Teddy concentrating!
A brilliant guide for planting from Teddy
Some great measuring from Walter
Brooke wrote a super letter from Lion to the Bear!
Emily has been working hard on her writing
Well done Emily
She did some comparing too!
This sounds yummy Emily!
Emily even made her own handbag
Here's some of William's writing from this week
Well done William!
Great comparing- good boy!
Homemade sushi
Looks yummy William and Elizabeth!
William worked so hard on his literacy this week!
Good boy for using conjunctions William
I like the sound of the gingerbread house!
Keep it up William!
Work to be proud of- well done!
William tried the maths challenge too

Class 2's Easter Fun!

Harvey F's Easter card
Alex's Easter card
Brooke's Easter card
Daniel (&Leo's) Easter cards
Edie's Easter card
Emily's Easter card and homemade hamster
Siobhan's (& family) Easter cards
Ivy's Easter card
Walter's Easter card
William's Easter card and homemade hamster
Ivy's Easter fun
She's even done some playdough!
Lilly and Mum have been baking- Yummy!
William doing some craft
Creating a giant arty Easter egg!
William and Elizabeth's Easter art
Pear bobbing for William
What a lovely idea!
Homemade table football from William
I wonder who won?
Gardening fun for William

Week 2: A proud gem for all who are featured this week!

Freddie has been doing his writing...
He found nouns and adjectives.
Super work Freddie!
William has been doing some great writing
William has learnt about the parts of a plant too
Emily’s animal writing- lovely and neat
Emily has learnt about the parts of a plant
Daniels been on a wild plant hunt!
Busy at work...
Daniel has labelled parts of the plant
Well done Daniel for finding so many plants!
Andy has been doing some cool science experiments
He’s also been cooking!
Some of Andy’s great phonics...
and super maths!
Well done Andy!
Walter has been doing some lovely writing
Great maths Walter!
Excellent comprehension from Walter
He’s even been learning the 3xtables
Walters nouns and adjectives work
Alex has done lots of maths!
Here's some of Alex's super writing
An excellent flower painting from Alex for topic
Alex has been working with his brother
Poppy and her sisters doing morning dance