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Year 6 Guess Who. Email your pictures and guesses to Mrs B at

Gems update Term 6 Week 3

Gilbert's fantastic chapter story

A selection of Gilbert's latest work

A selection of Ebony's latest work

Reuben's super science!

A selection of Gilbert's work Term 6 Week 3

A selection of Dorka's Work Term 6 Weeks 1,2 & 3

A selection of Jamie's work Term 6 Week 3

A selection of Callum's work Term 6 Week 3

Ebony's learning Week 1 & 2 of Term 6

A selection of Mason's work from Week 1 Term 6

Gilbert's half term and home learning last week included making pink elderflower cordial and exploring nature around us.

Gems update 8th June

Jamie's own short story!

Guess the member of staff! Otis and Shay are joint children winners with a score of 9/16 and Miss Kethro is the adult winner with an amazing score of 16/16!!!!

Some shelves Otis made (with a wee bit of help) out of the frame of an old divan bed! Recycling at its best.

Gilbert's amazing animation!!

Still image for this video
Well done to Gilbert, Emily, Dorka, Katie and Otis for your efforts on Manga High. :-)

A selection of Dorka's work - keep up the fantastic work!

Class Dojo Summary Week 2 of Term 5 - keep the work coming to earn more gems!

Super "About Me" story from Gilbert.

A selection of Dorka's lastest work. :-)

Pictures of Callum's work - super maths and SPAG work - well done.

Pictures of Katie's latest home learning activities.

Work from Mason - great to see you playing the guitar!

Gilbert's reading of Jack and the Beanstalk

Here's a selection of Gilbert's super work again this week. Well done on your editing!!

Two pieces of writing from Otis - lovely work. 29.4.20

Here is a selection of the super work Dorka has got up to in the last few weeks.

Last week, Ebony kept herself busy by painting pebbles & a wooden shelf for her bedroom with her Dad, made him an awesome BLT and carried on beautifully with her school work!

Gems summary for Week 1 of Term 5 - Share your home learning with us to earn gems.

22.4.20 - Amazing artwork from Callum

22.4.20 - Shay cooking and working - fantastic effort

22.4.20 - Jamie's super work and bike tricks

22.4.20 - Gilbert's amazing work

3.4.20 - Gilbert's work on angles, 5 a day and active / passive - amazing work - well done!

2.4.20 - Selection of SPAG and reading comprehension from Jamie

2.4.20 - Super work from Emily - clearly working really hard - well done!

1.4.20 - lovely piece of writing from Otis

1.4.20 - Selection of Mason's work - great effort Mason.

01.04.2020 Selection of Gilbert's Work - Focus and Problem Solving gems well deserved! :-)

30.3.20 - Selected Work From Jamie - Super Effort.

Week 1 Gems Summary

Week 1: A selection of Dorka's work - Being proud and focus gems well deserved! :-)

Week 1: Gilbert has sent his work on "Trash" questions everyday, asked for more challenging maths, started a diary and has helped his friends with their learning. That's reflective and supporting others gems very well deserved!! :-)
Week 1: Ebony has earned focus and reflective gems for working independently from home and sharing her working space well with her older sister. :-)