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Wotton Area Mutual Aid 'Sharing Acts of Kindness'

A community sharing idea

A community sharing idea 1

Wotton Area Mutual Aid (WAMA) are an organisation of volunteers helping people in the surrounding community during the Covid 19 crisis, with things like shopping, getting medical supplies or simply phoning people for a friendly chat.


They would like to hear from children in the local area who are able to share their experiences and stories of how you have helped people in your community during this time.


WAMA say:

'Many of you have been reaching out to help family, friends and neighbours through this time and we would like to hear what you have been doing.'


'Wotton Area Mutual Aid Group would like you to share your experiences with them, in an attention-grabbing way, so they can be shared with others.'


'You can create a poster, write a story, make a cartoon strip, compose a song or poem or write a blog post....any way you like really.'


You can send your entry either to Mrs Swain -  by 29th June or direct to WAMA via - by 30th June.


Please ensure no photos of people are used. Thank you.