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Pebbles (school Dog)

Hello my name is Pebbles and I am a Lhasa Apso.

I was born on the 5th March 2017 and I have two sisters and two brothers. I live in Yate now with Mrs Clarkson who is my new mum.  Leaving my family was hard and I felt scared at first but now I am used to my new home and I like it!



My mum called Fern and my brothers and sisters.

When I left my brothers and sisters I didn't know I would be coming to this school just like you. Everything is strange but you have all made me feel very welcome and I am enjoying getting to know you all.


Pebbles - 8 weeks old

Every day Mrs C gets me up, gives me breakfast, brushes my fur and gets me ready for school  just like you have to. We have to come to school in the car because it's too far to walk.

When I get to school I have to stay in the office a lot of the time until I get older but I have enjoyed coming out to see you all in your classrooms and in the playground. Soon I will be able to come out to play with you but you will need to give me some space to move around because I like to explore.  I am especially looking forward to hearing you read and to joining you in Forest School.


At the moment I have to sleep a lot because I am still a baby. My mum bought me a nice new blue bed which is in the office but I prefer to sleep on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf.



Getting ready for a nap on the bookshelf.

Look at my nice new collar. It has bones on it.

Today I had to visit the vet. First I had to be weighed, I am only 2.5 kg at the moment but the vet said that is good for my age. Then the vet listened to my heart with her stethoscope and after she checked my teeth, ears, eyes and tummy. Finally she gave me an injection which means I am protected from lots of infectious diseases that might hurt me. Later Mrs C will give me some special medicine which will protect me from fleas, ticks, worms and mites. She said she would give me a treat if I take my medicine without a fuss. I like treats so I promise I'll be a good girl.




My visit to the vet

Tweedy the clown came to our school today to launch the Jolly Roger. I had my photo taken with him.

Pebbles and Tweedy

During the Summer holiday I visited new places and had lots of new experiences just like you.

This is me on Chesil beach. I went mackerel fishing with Mrs C and Steve.

I went to Cornwall and discovered sand for the first time. I loved digging holes and chewing up the seaweed. It made me very thirsty!

Me after my wash and clip.