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Science & Nature

Science and Nature Club gives us chance to explore the world around us and how things work.

We find out by doing a wide variety of fun (often messy) activities. smiley


Here are some photos of our future scientists in action:



Making a working hand, exploring anatomy and function.

Exploring material properties and how to change them for different uses.

Fungi Foray in the school grounds

Habitats around our school grounds.


The science club have identified a variety of animal and plant habitats around the school grounds. Read on to learn more about our amazing habitats.



Freshwater habitat - the pond.
Lillies provide shade and food for pond animals.
Bug hotel.
A safe place for a few nights and overwintering.
Grass habitat
Flowering plants provide food.
Spot the bug. What is it?
Flowering grasses - good for birds and insects.
Daisies are an important food source.
Deciduous woodland ( that means the trees lose their leaves in autumn).
Horse chestnut tree, with conkers.
Conkers! Food for our woodland mammals.
First you have to get past the spikes!
Conkers are beautiful!
Brambles with blackberries - more food!
Oak trees provide acorns - food and new oak trees!
Autumn leaves.
This one isn't deciduous! Laurels are evergreen.
Making art bots. Exploring vibration and centre of gravity.
Vibration makes you dance!