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The British Best Books

At The British School, we LOVE reading. Have a look below at our 'raving reviews'. Maybe this will lead you to reading a brand new book that you've not read before? Happy reading! 

Raving Reviews

Miss Kethro recommends 'The Smeds and The Smoos'
It has a great moral about friends and colour
William B thinks you'll love these books!
Elizabeth says these are adventurous & inspiring!
The Bogues recommend these books with key messages
..books about truth, bullying & discrimination
Recommendations from Jessica in Y3
Recommendations from Ben in Y4 - 1st in the series
...2nd in the series
Daniel thinks you should try these books
This one's good for learning about the body
This one is so funny!
Daniel loves this one
Rose C reviews Isadora Moon...
Rose C reviews Paddington...

Year 6 Recommendations

A lovely picture book for all ages!
Mrs Brunet-Lua's favourite!
A classic not to be missed!
Richard and James loved the audio version!