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Topic Planning

Our topic this term “What a Wonderful World” will be all about geography and science. We will be learning about our planet and how we can make changes to help save the planet. We will learn about the 7 continents and the 5 oceans of the world in geography and in science, we will learn about materials and plants. Our Literacy will be linked to our topic as we will be looking at 2 picture books, Tidy and One World, with environmental links and will base our writing around these stories. We hope that through our topic learning, we will be able to make a difference to our wonderful world! 
For the first term, Class 2's topic is Who do you think you are? During this topic, we will be focusing on our science and history learning. In science, we will learn about our body and our senses, different types of animals and what we need to survive.  In history, we will be looking at 3 significant people- 2 famous nurses and a very famous astronaut!  Our cooking unit this term will also help us learn about how to stay healthy and what foods are good for us. What an exciting first term we are going to have!