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World Music Day - 21st June

It's 'World Music Day' on 21st June, so we have put together some activities and worksheets based on all things musical that you can do this week.


Some ideas include:


  • Make a junk model musical instrument (instructions below)
  • Research your favourite artist and make a fact-file
  • Listen to different types of music
  • Create a timeline of different music types
  • Learn the national anthem
  • Learn a song or rap off by heart
  • Make up a dance to a piece of music you love
  • Sound hunt around your house- what can you hear? (knives and forks, birds, kettle and clocks etc.)
  • Various music comprehensions - see below
  • Music wordsearch - below
  • Music note colouring - below
  • Compose your own piece of music - below
  • If you have an instrument, PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!
  • Outdoor music - below
  • Body percussion - below


Please send us lots of pictures of what you get up to. Have fun and get musical!