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Expenditure & Impact

The British School

Expenditure and impact analysis of the Primary School Sports Funding 2016-17




  • Increase opportunities for participation for all pupils.
  • Broaden the variety of sports on offer at The British School.
  • Provide opportunities for teaching staff to work alongside qualified coaches (CPD).


  • Increase pupil participation in and enjoyment of PE and sport.
  • Increase the variety of sports that pupils can participate in at school.
  • Teachers feel more confident to deliver high quality PE.





Success criteria/Impact





Membership of Wotton District Sports Association 2015-16.

PE subject leader.

Sept 2016


Allows participation in a wide range of tournaments and festivals.

Ongoing support provided from SSCo.

Chn have the opportunity to meet chn from others schools, through sporting events.


Fit4Schools package.

PE subject leader.

Nov 2016-Jul 2016.

PE subject leader time.

Continue to promote the importance of health and fitness across the school.

Focus on developing aspects of health/fitness which are currently not addressed through the PE NC.

Increases breadth of opportunity: chn are given the chance to take part in a wider range of sports and physical activities. (Zumba/ Boxercise).


Fortis PE Conference 25.11.16






Provision of archery coaching for all children across KS1 including CPD opportunity for teaching staff (Steph Gill).


PE subject leader.

Jan / Feb 2017

PE subject leader time.

Increases the breadth and variety of sports on offer at the school.

CPD opp: Teaching staff are more confident and able to deliver a wider range of high-quality PE/sports.

Pupil feedback information gathered via pupil conferencing.

Teaching staff feedback gathered via questionnaire.


Purchase of Gymnastics horse



PE Lead

Supports provision of high-quality PE lessons and after school club.

Ensuring equipment complies with current health and safety regulations.


Swimming lessons for all chn in KS1 at Dursley Pool.


Sept 2016-Jul 2017

PE Lead

Develop or add to the PE and sport activities that your school already offers.

Introduce new sports or activities and encourage more pupils to take up sport (from guidelines).

Increase breadth of sports on offer for KS1 pupils.

Consolidate swimming already offered to all KS2 pupils.

Increase number of chn able to swim confidently by end of KS2 and therefore fulfil the NC requirements.


Small supply claims to facilitate attendance at tournaments and festivals.

Teaching staff.

Support staff.

Sept 2016-Jul 2017

PE subject leader time.

Admin (processing).

Increase breadth of inter-school sporting opportunities available to pupils.

Attendance at inter-school sporting events is increased.

Staff better able to support pupils


Primary workshop for schools – Dragon dance – celebrating Chinese New Year

Whole School


PE Lead

Teaching staff more confident delivering high quality dance lessons


Atlas sports - Provision of PE coaching and CPD opportunities for staff and children to run across term 5 and 6 – delivery of rounders, cricket and athletics

Whole school

April 17 – July 17

PE Lead

Teaching staff more confident in delivering athletics, cricket and rounders. Monitor performance in inter-school cricket tournaments – increase in number of pupils participating and success at these events. Monitor at school sports day. Engage the school in early morning sports activity.




Neoteric Dance

Whole School

Feb 2017 – July 2017


Provision of an afterschool dance club for KS2 – will lead to a performance at the June fling


Davies Sports, Consortium, Hope education – Sports equipment for PE lessons, playtime and lunchtime play.


Academic Year

PE Lead

Provision of PE equipment to enhance lessons and physical activity during play and lunch.


G&T Recognition day


March 2017


Support gifted and talented children attending recognition days


Sports 4 Schools Day – Jack Rutter para-olympian

Whole School

Feb 2017


Whole school activity day to inspire and motivate children to do activities, run by Olympic football star – Jack Rutter