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Class 5 Newsletter Autumn Term 2020


Dear Parents,

Welcome to Class 5!

Myself and Mr Roche hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing summer break and are looking forward to the term ahead! I know these may be uncertain times for both you and your children and I want to reassure you that we are here to help and support you the best we can, to ensure your child feels safe and happy in school. If at any point you have any worries or concerns, or you just need to let us know something, you can contact myself (Miss Flett) or Mr Roche via email ( or or you can call the school office to make a telephone appointment with either of us.


Miss Flett teaches the class all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mr Roche teaches all day Thursday and Friday. Mrs Fisher is our class TA, who will be in Monday Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and Mrs Walker works as a 1:1 for most of the week, and a TA for the rest, as well as running Outdoor Learning on a Wednesday afternoon.

The School Day

Class 5 start their day at 9:00am. We will meet outside the main front gates that lead into the school car park. After placing belongings in the spare classroom/ music room, we will walk calmly to the class and wash or sanitise hands. Each child will have an allocated seat in the classroom and all desks will be facing forward. There is a seating plan in place that we feel best supports the children. The morning will mainly consist of maths and literacy activities, with some activities linked to this terms topic.

Playtime will be at 11:00am, and Class 5 will have a section on the field for them to play in their ‘bubble’. Again, when returning to the class, hand hygiene routine will take place.

Lunch time will be at 12:30pm. All children in Class 5 will eat their lunch in the classroom, whether they have a school dinner or a packed lunch. Children will wash their hands before eating. Play time at lunch will be on the field again in their ‘bubble’.

The afternoon session will begin at 1:30pm. Class 5 will go outside onto the field to complete their Fit for 15 activity, which will be a time for some fresh air and movement. When returning to the class, hand hygiene routine will take place. We provide all necessary hand sanitizers, so children don’t need to bring this in. This is then followed by another curriculum subject such as history, music, outdoor learning or PSHE, amongst others.

Towards the end of each day, we will be reading our class book – Wonder by R.J. Palacio. Children will take turns to read chapters of the book to the rest of the class.

Class 5 will finish their day at 3:30pm and either myself or Mr Roche will escort the children out to the main gates where you can meet your child.




What to bring to school

Outdoor footwear - As you can see Class 5 will be spending a lot of time on the school field so it is essential the children have a change of footwear. This can either be wellies or trainers, that must be kept in school at all time and not taken home.

Pencil case – We have asked all children to bring in a pencil case that only they will use and will stay in school on their desk. This should contain a pencil, writing pen, small ruler and coloured pencils. There will be no sharing of equipment. If children require additional equipment, we will provide this.

Reading books - The children have been encouraged to bring in a book from home to read in school. The book will need to stay on the child’s desk and cannot be shared with/touched by other pupils.

PE Kit – This needs to be in school at all times and will come home for washing at the end of the half term. PE kit consists of a pair of shorts (blue or black) and a coloured T-shirt, depending on your child’s House colours (children will be reminded which house they are in). Please also provide a well-fitting pair of trainers. For the colder months ahead, we recommend that children have a spare pair of socks, as they can get wet in trainers on the field, a hoody or jumper and a pair of jogging bottoms/leggings. PE will be on Thursday mornings led by Atlas Sports.

Coats – All children will need a coat as we will be going outside every day, whatever the weather (unless it is pouring with rain).

Book Bags – can be brought to and from school each day to carry any school work, reading books and reading diaries.

Water Bottle & Packed Lunch children are able to bring their water bottle to and from school daily. The water bottle will be kept with the children in the classroom. Please ensure these are plastic/non-breakable. If children are eating a packed lunch, these can be brought into school and kept on your child’s peg in the cloakroom until lunch time.

Uniform - Please can you ensure that your child has their name in all items of school uniform, particularly school jumpers and cardigans as they can easily be misplaced. Correct uniform must be worn daily.

The Curriculum

There is a curriculum map for Class 5 on the Class 5 webpage with details of the topic areas we are covering this term, up to Christmas. This can be found on the following link:

We will also be focusing on the Recovery Curriculum, which focuses on the Mental Health and Wellbeing of all children following the Covid-19 lockdown.

Topic: ‘A Century of Change’

We begin the school year with a really fabulous history focus. We will be looking at how the 20th century brought about huge changes politically, socially and economically. The children will develop their knowledge and skills in chronology and source work as well as study significant events, key individuals and developments in leisure and technology. Historical content will often fuel our literacy and written tasks and we are very much looking forward to seeing some fantastic pieces.



As before, the children will be expected to read 5 times a week and summarise their reading in their reading diary.  Mrs Fisher will check the diaries on a Monday (children will place these opened, on their desk) to make sure that everyone is on track. Those children who do not read at home/record in their diaries will be expected to miss break-times to catch up. If the issue persists, children will need to bring in their completed diaries daily for closer monitoring.


We will continue to learn spelling strategies and children will be assessed informally in class on their progress. Extra spelling practice at home is to be encouraged and we recommend the following site for an interactive approach.

Topic home Learning

We have decided to give you all a rest from home learning for now, so will not be asking the children to complete topic-related tasks at home this term. However, the children are encouraged, as always, to continue with Manga High (new logins have been sent home) and to pursue their own interests (or perhaps a class topic), read, research, write and so on at home.


If you feel there is anything myself or Mr Roche should know or be aware of that may help us to support your child, please feel free to contact us. A quick chat is often sufficient, but a longer appointment can be made.

We look forward to the year ahead and hope your child enjoys their return to school!

Yours sincerely,

Miss Flett and Mr Roche – Class 5 teachers


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