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Visions and Values

Motto: Working together for our children’s future


To be an outstanding school that creates a safe and supportive environment which enables everybody to achieve their own potential.


This vision statement is underpinned by our school values:

Support & Respect
The British School supports our peers, families, teachers and community. We develop a nurturing culture within the school community. We develop team players, where we help, encourage and praise each other.
We value respect and understanding. To enable the whole school community to do this we listen, respect opinions, are polite and well mannered. We care for others and our environment and have an awareness of those around us. Trustworthiness and honesty are integral to this value.  Our pupils will leave this school being able to act with courtesy and integrity.

Engage & Aim High
At the British School we develop an excitement and love of learning. We encourage and motivate all pupils to learn and be proud of their achievements. We develop an interest in the wider world and a curiosity about everything around us.
We challenge each other to be the best we can be. We ask questions and encourage problem solving. Our pupils will leave this school as ambitious and hardworking individuals who take pride in their achievements.

Courage & Resilience
The British School community are encouraged to be brave and to never give up. We want all pupils to develop as risk takers and problem solvers. We reflect and identify strengths and areas for development. Perseverance is key and is encouraged in everything anyone does. Our pupils will leave this school with the tools needed to face any challenge, learning from mistakes made along the way.