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The British Values

The British Values


At The British School, we recognise the importance of teaching our children about the British Values. These are a set of values that are shared by British society and enable our children to understand their rights and responsibilities as a citizen of Britain. 


Democracy: We value the importance of democracy and the rule of law, and aim to develop students' understanding of the democratic process and their role in society.

Individual liberty: We recognise the importance of individual freedom and personal responsibility, and encourage students to exercise their rights and freedoms in a responsible way.

Mutual respect and tolerance: We promote a culture of respect, where individuals are valued for their contributions and differences are celebrated. We aim to develop students' understanding and appreciation of different cultures and beliefs.

Rule of law: We aim to ensure that all members of our school community understand the importance of obeying laws and regulations, and the consequences of breaking them.

To promote the British Values in our school, we:

  • Incorporate the British Values into our wider curriculum and teaching practices, through activities such as voting, debates, discussions, and projects.
  • Provide opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities that promote British Values, such as volunteering and community service projects.
  • Provide development opportunities for staff to enhance their understanding of British Values and to develop effective teaching strategies.
  • Foster strong partnerships with parents and the wider community to promote British Values and activities.